Our friends at TheKingOfRandom.com came up with a fun list of summer life hacks that will help make your life easier and maybe impress a friend or two!

Summer life hacks you need to know:

  1. Soggy hamburger bun. The next time you eat a juicy hamburger, turn it upside down! The juices from the hamburger patty will flow towards the larger top bun, leaving you to enjoy your masterpiece.
  2. Floating soda can straw. Secure your soda can straw with the tab you used to open the can.
  3. Mango teeth. To get all the juicy goodness of a mango, start by cutting each of its “cheeks” away from the seed. Then slice lines horizontally and vertically so you have checkerboard squares of mango. To get the mango goodness, gently push from the back and you will have bite-sized pieces to enjoy.
  4. Ants in your home. To get rid of pesky ants, put a cup of raw popcorn kernels in a blender until you have cornmeal. Place the cornmeal around ant trails and in a few days your ant problem will be history.
  5. Messy party chip bags. To make chip bags look more orderly, use them to create custom snack bowls. Start by folding the top edge into the bag, then roll the bottom corners into the base of the bag. Before you know it, you’ll have overflowing custom chip bowls with labels!
  6. Fruit flies. Combine a few pieces of fruit, like mango and banana, in a small container. Place plastic wrap on top and create small hole just bigger than the fly. In a few days there will be a fruit fly party in the container, which you can cover and throw away.
  7. Sticky Popsicle hands. Don’t give up popsicles this summer. Instead, cut a small hole the size of your Popsicle stick in a small paper cup or cupcake liner. Slide your Popsicle inside and you’ll have no more sticky fingers.
  8. Condiment overload. Condiments are a fun way to customize a meal, but sometimes they can get unruly and take up too much space. Try using a muffin tin to hold the condiments. They will be easier to display, take up less table space and make clean up a snap!
  9. Storing valuables at the beach. Don’t tempt thieves at the beach with your valuables. Instead, conceal them in a decoy sunscreen or shampoo container. When you have an empty container, cut a hole just big enough for your items to slide in. When you’re ready, the top should snap back on. Now you have a seemingly innocent container that most people won’t look at twice.
  10. Warm water bottles. On a hot day a cold sip of water can be refreshing. Unfortunately if the day is hot, chances are your water bottle will be hot too. Next time, fill your water bottle a quarter of the way and put it in your freezer on its side. Be sure the water doesn’t pass the spout. When you’re ready to head out into the heat, fill your bottle the rest of the way and you’ll have ice-cold water to carry with you.

Thanks again to The King of Random for these great tips. We tried all of the summer life hacks and are happy to share them with you.