Household Cleaners

When it comes time to clean, you probably have a cabinet full of products – each designed to handle a specific task. What if we told you there were some unusual household cleaners in unexpected places, like your pantry or medicine cabinet? Here’s a list of our favorite household cleaners that might surprise you.

1. Rubbing Alcohol
Chances are you already have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in your medicine cabinet because you know it works great at disinfecting and treating wounds. Did you also know rubbing alcohol is one of the most versatile cleaning products? Learn more →

2. Soft Drinks
The fizzing action of an ice cold soda can be a treat for your taste buds. When you need to scrub some unusual places, the same soda can come in very handy. Learn more →

3. Ketchup
This red tomato condiment is delicious on certain foods. While it can cause unsightly stains on your clothes, it is handy at removing tarnish and other stains on your silver pieces, pots and pans. Learn more →

4. Coffee Grounds
Coffee has long been the go-to drink of choice for sleepy heads to get a jolt of energy in the morning. While the grounds are known for causing stains, they can also remove unpleasant odors from your home. Learn more →

5. White Rice
Rice can be a delicious addition to many meals. It can also help you to clean hard to reach places. Learn more →

6. Tea
Whether you drink it hot or iced, tea can be a very satisfying beverage. That is, until it leaves an unsightly tannin stain. Here’s some good news; the tannin stain from tea has cleaning benefits. Plus, other teas can help with certain chores. Learn more →

7. White Bread
Toasted or plain white bread is a soft, spongy treat. Since white bread has a knack for sticking to things, it can come in handy for removing dirt where other cleaners fail. It’s also handy at cleaning up broken glass. Learn more →

8. Hydrogen Peroxide
This staple in many first aid kits helps when illness or injury occur. It can also come in handy around the house, cleaning certain metal surfaces and adding extra disinfecting powers to your household cleaning regimen. Learn more →

9. White Vinegar
From making tasty salad dressings to tenderizing meat, vinegar can be found in almost all pantries. If you keep a bottle with your cleaning supplies as well, you will have a handy, all-natural cleaning superstar! Learn more →

10. Corn Starch
You probably know the powers of corn starch when it comes to thickening gravies and stews. The absorbing powers of corn starch in the kitchen can also be handy around your home as cleaner. Learn more →

The next time you run out of a cleaning product, fear not! Check out your pantry or medicine cabinet, you just might find the right product for the cleaning project at hand!