Fort Lauderdale Home Walk Through

Buying a home in Fort Lauderdale can be a fun adventure! Even after you’ve signed all the paperwork and received the keys to your new home, there are a few extra steps that can help make the transition to your new home go more smoothly. Here are 5 things to do after buying a home:

1. Change the Locks
It’s a good idea to change the locks on all exterior doors. The previous owners may not be the only people who have had access to the property; there may also have been children, guests or trades people with copies of keys. By installing new locks, you can be in control over who has access to your new home.

2. Have the House Cleaned
One of the easiest times to clean a home is when it’s empty. While the previous homeowners are obliged to leave the home in “broom clean” condition, consider scheduling a professional cleaning service before moving in. If your budget and schedule allows, it can be reassuring to know deep cleaning has been performed on things like flooring, fixtures, air ducts and more.

3. Transfer Utilities
Right after buying a Fort Lauderdale home, you can schedule the transfer of utilities into your name. Contacting all utility companies ahead of time will ensure the transfer is orderly and scheduled in a manner that will be convenient to your move.

4. Store Settlement Papers
Before you sign the plethora of paperwork required to buy a home, it’s important to get organized. Designate a place where important paperwork will be stored. Later, when it’s tax time (or in the future if you decide to sell the home), you’ll save yourself a lot of desperate searching if you’ve prepared a secure place to keep important papers from the start.

5. Take Photos of Your Household Items
Insurance professionals stress the importance of keeping an accurate inventory of your valuables. One of the most recommended ways to keep an accurate inventory is by taking pictures. As soon as you’ve settled into your new home, go from room to room and take pictures of your valuables. Should you experience a mishap like theft, fire or flood, these pictures will come in handy. Be sure to store the images in a safe place or two.

If you’re already on your way to buying a home, congratulations! If you need help finding a Fort Lauderdale luxury home, Contact us. We are passionate about Fort Lauderdale, real estate and providing exceptional service!