Orange Barn Doors

Barn doors were once exclusively used for country and rustic-style decor. The reclaimed wood or reused doors fit in nicely with that type of relaxed interior design aesthetic.

Today, these doors are being used in more contemporary settings. Thanks to new materials like glass, metal and various types of wood, we are starting to see barn doors in modern luxury homes. The result of incorporating a barn door in a contemporary setting can be both practical and stunning.

Barn doors are a practical alternative to pocket doors, bi-folding doors, traditional sliding glass doors and room dividers. A barn door is useful where there is sufficient wall space, but where a swinging door might negatively impact the flow of the room.

By thinking creatively, you can incorporate a barn door in almost any Fort Lauderdale luxury home, while creating a bold statement. We’ve collected a few examples to give you a bit of inspiration.

Barn Door Ideas

1. Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic Bathroom Door

Here is a perfect example of how a rustic barn door complements modern design. There is a keen juxtaposition between the old door and clean modern lines in this bathroom. This rustic door adds texture and helps warm the otherwise minimalist space.

2. Colorful Barn Doors

Colorful Barn Door

Image: Crate and Barrel

Paint barn doors a bright, bold color to give them a more contemporary feel. Consider using high-sheen paints or lacquers that add gloss to modernize the look even more. The result will add a nice pop of color to your room.

3. Glass Barn Doors

Glass Door

Doors don’t always need to hide what’s behind them. Here’s a perfect example of using a glass barn door to divide a space, while adding an artistic quality. The monogram and shiny hardware complement this glam look perfectly.

4. Entertainment Center Barn Doors

Entertainment Center Doors

Image: Artisian Hardware

Adding barn doors to a standard entertainment center can give the piece a custom look, while hiding electronic devices like your television and receiver. Choose door materials that will complement the space.

5. Chalkboard Barn Doors

Chalkboard Door

Image: The McMullin Design Group

Paint your barn door with chalkboard paint to add a bit of whimsy and function. The door can serve as a communication center, while hiding what’s behind it. We’ve seen great examples of chalkboard barn doors in kitchens, home offices and children’s rooms.

6. Tinted Glass Barn Door

Black Glass Door

This black tinted door adds an instant feeling of luxury and drama. The reflective surface is unexpected, while the door serves as a divider between a master bedroom and bathroom.

7. Mirror Barn Door

Mirror Door

Image: White Shanty

This mirrored door helps to keep the room bright by reflecting light and views of the room. For a more luxurious look, consider adding a beveled edge to your mirror.