home listing photos

One of the first steps serious home buyers take while viewing properties online is to narrow down the list of possible homes using criteria like area, asking price, number of bedrooms and photos. In the increasingly visual and digital world that we live in, it is more important than ever to ensure your home listing photos are top notch.

Whether you are preparing for a professional photographer or helping your Realtor® choose the photos that will be included in your home listing, here are some tips to consider:

Including Pets
Of course your pet is the most adorable in the world. And, you might be thinking about all those popular television commercials that include a pet to help sell products. However, studies have shown when it comes to home listing photos, buyers prefer not to see pets. Although no one can smell how clean your pet might be through an online photo, people often imagine the worst. “One of the biggest reasons people will or won’t buy a house is odor,” says Don Aslett on the MSN Real Estate website. To be on the safe side, keep your pet our of your home listing photos.

Odd Camera Angles
It can be tempting to take photos from a lower angle, pointing the camera toward the ceiling. The idea might be to fit more of a room in the shot, or to capture high ceilings. Sometimes the result is acceptable. Other times, the photo looks strange. Odd camera angles can make viewers feel uncomfortable, as if something is just not right. You want your photos to look as realistic as possible, much like when a buyer visits your home in person. In other words, if a photo angle looks odd, opt for one taken from a normal point of view.

Focus Misdirection
Most Fort Lauderdale home listings show everything in acceptably sharp focus. Professional photographers refer to this as depth of field. Sometimes a lens or lighting dictate shallow depth, where only part of the shot will be in sharp focus. This is the area that will attract the viewer’s eye and you can use this to your advantage. For example, it’s good to show pictures of the master bathroom, especially if it resembles a spa retreat. It’s bad to focus on the toilet instead of the Calacatta marble vanity.

At Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale, we leave listing photos to the professionals! When you list your home with us, a professional home photographer will capture the best features of your home. This is just one of many ways we provide value and expertise to clients. To learn more about how we effectively market homes, read our Home Selling Marketing Plan.