Along with square footage and number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms can be a big selling point. However, when you’re browsing Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate listings, you might find the math isn’t always straightforward. Let’s get to the bottom of the various bathroom definitions in real estate.

Bathroom Definitions

Full Bath – A full bathroom must contain four key elements: a sink, toilet, bathtub and stall shower or shower/bath combo. Anything less than those elements and you should not consider it a full bath.

Three-Quarter Bath – A three-quarter bathroom usually has three of the full bath elements. Those elements are most often a sink, toilet and a stall shower.

Half-Bath – A half-bathroom, also referred to as a guest bath or powder room, has only two of the full bath elements — usually a sink and toilet.

Quarter-Bath – Rarely seen in the South Florida real estate market is the traditional quarter-bath, which has only one of the full bath elements — a toilet. Another type of quarter-bath has just a shower, often located by a pool for rinsing off.

Super Deluxe Bathrooms – Luxurious bathrooms are like your high school GPA; you can’t get higher than a perfect score. So, a super deluxe bathroom that features a dual vanity, toilet, separate tub and a shower stall is considered a full bath. You might see listings referring to a “5-piece bathroom”. This simply means a separate tub and shower stall.

Dual Primary Bathrooms – Ultra luxurious homes often feature two separate bathrooms as part of the primary suite. Often these are bathrooms and are counted as two full baths in the listing.

Water Closet – Simply put, a water closet is a room within a bathroom that has a toilet. Some luxurious homes might feature a toilet and bidet in the water closet. Others might even have room for a small sink.

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