The Samsung AirDresser is an innovative way to clean your finickier clothes at home, saving you a trip or two to the dry cleaner.

Samsung AirDresser

The unit uses a combination of steam and air flow to reduce wrinkles, remove dust and odors, and refresh items. While the unit won’t completely eliminate the need for professional dry-cleaning, it can help you disinfect and refresh your wardrobe and other household items in-between trips to your dry cleaner.

Inside, three Air Hangers release air and steam throughout the unit — cleaning your items from the inside, out. At the bottom of the unit is a low temperature Heat Pump Drying mechanism that helps reduce the risk of heat damage and shrinking.

Users can choose from four general cycles, three dry cycles, nine special cycles (for suits, wool, leather and winter coats), and six additional cycles (for bedding, denim, cushions, soft children’s toys and more).

Samsung AirDresser Home Dry Cleaning

The AirDresser resembles a tall, narrow refrigerator. It stands approximately 73 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The weight of the unit is around 200 pounds. The portable closet, designed to fit in your closet, requires a standard U.S. 120-voltage outlet. Its refillable water reservoir means you won’t need a separate water line.

According to Samsung, the AirDresser has a much quieter operation than a washing machine. The company insists you could have the unit in your bedroom and not be disturbed by it.

AirDresser is WiFi-connected, so you can us the SmartThings mobile app to remotely start, pause and receive laundering notifications. If your mobile phone isn’t handy, there is a sleek touch screen panel on the front of the unit.

The retail price for the Samsung AirDresser is $1,499 and can be purchased on the Samsung website. Its competition is limited to the LG Styler, which is similarly priced.