Selling Luxury Homes

When selling your luxury home, you are marketing to a smaller pool of home buyers. These affluent consumers tend to be educated, business-savvy and know what they want in a luxury home. Like most home shoppers, this group will be interested in value – that is, how much home they can get for their money. Properties that tend to be more attractive to luxury home buyers are those that have unique elements. It will take an effective Home Selling Marketing Plan to attract these buyers and successfully sell your luxury home.

A one-size-fits-all, outdated sales and marketing approach will not be effective when selling luxury homes in today’s market. Instead, an astute Realtor knows there are three key components – beyond price – required to spark the interest of potential luxury home buyers. These components boil down to exposure, quality and story-telling.

The exposure element is pretty straightforward. It used to be the only important medium required for selling luxury homes was print media: magazine, newspaper, brochure and flyer. A savvy Realtor knows a multimedia approach will reach and appeal to a wider audience today. Like all home buyers, research tends to begin online.  Luxury home buyers interested in the available properties are most likely to conduct at least some online research before scheduling an in-person visit. What they experience on the Web will be influential in how eager they will be to visit the property.

It goes without saying that for every Fort Lauderdale luxury home presentation, the quality of the imagery has to be first-rate. Professional real estate photographers do more than highlight key room features shot from eye-pleasing angles. The best photographers know how to use light to shape a viewer’s experience. Key features of a home can be highlighted by selecting the time of day, color of light and shadows. Sometimes a true online video tour, complete with well-produced music and narration, can also be the most effective tool—as long as the online viewing experience is brief, intuitive and easy to navigate. No matter which multimedia approach is taken, the goal is always to create a viewer experience that is unique and memorable.

A key part in making a viewer experience of your home unique and memorable is storytelling. The story could be anything from an interesting history to a setting or view that is unique. It can be an impressive list of luxury home features, or a history of owners that includes prominent community or cultural luminaries. It can be standout architectural innovations, landscaping, or a layout that just happens to be perfectly well-matched to luxury living. The single indispensable part of the mix is that the property’s unique character comprises a story worth retelling. It’s human nature for every homeowner to be able to tell friends and colleagues about their new luxury home!

Selling luxury homes is our passion. If you have a Fort Lauderdale luxury home with its own story waiting to be told—or if you’re on the hunt for one—contact us!