Imagine turning any surface in your home into a smart home remote control. For example, a knock at your front door initiates a text message to your mobile phone. Knock three times on an interior wall to ring your lost phone. Knock on your nightstand once to turn off a light when you’re going to sleep, or knock twice when you wake up to start the coffee maker. Does this sound like a smart home invention for the future? Surprisingly, this technology is available today!

Introducing Knocki, a new smart device that puts you in control of convenient functions from almost any surface in your home. Attach Knocki to a solid surface and the smart device will detect and identify tap or knock patterns, then initiate a pre-programmed response. Thanks to the Knocki’s out of the box, pre-programmed functions, a smart phone or tablet is not required to operate the system. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can use the free app to further customize your Knocki.

Knocki Smart Home Technology

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Any internet-connected device or software with an open platform can be controlled by Knocki. The device uses your home’s WiFi to connect to an automation server in the cloud, so when you transmit a command by knocking on a surface, the server identifies the corresponding action and sends a signal to the appropriate device, software, or service. Knocki can also connect to a variety of free online automation “recipe” tools like IFTTT, so you can create unlimited new functions.

Knocki is both sophisticated and practical.  It has a reusable adhesive mount, so it can be moved as needed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding the right tool in your toolbox to mount the device!

If you were around in the mid-80s, you might remember The Clapper. By plugging an item like a lamp into The Clapper, you could turn it on with one clap and off with two claps. While The Clapper was pretty innovative for the time, it had its downfalls. For example, the device sometimes could not distinguish between a clap and a really good song being played loudly.

Thankfully Knocki does not suffer from the downfalls of The Clapper. It can be programmed to perform a large number of tasks, does not require an electrical outlet, and can control objects and apps as far as your WiFi travels. Plus, Knocki isn’t triggered accidentally by random sounds — like a really good song being played loudly! To learn more about Knocki and how it can automate actions in your smart home, visit their website: