Home technology solutions can range from security systems, home theaters, smart home devices and more. While these solutions are created to make your life easier, they often require a substantial investment. Today we are thrilled to share two smart outlet covers that cost under $20 each, while solving common modern-day household problems – safety indoor lighting and USB charging!

SnapPower GuideLight

In March 2014, SnapPower successfully introduced the SnapPower Guidelight. This handy electrical smart outlet cover is a thoughtful replacement for traditional plug-in nightlights and hardwired guide lights that have been on the market for years. The SnapPower Guidelight requires no wires or batteries and thus can be installed in seconds. The guide light is equipped with a light sensor that turns diffused LED lighting on in the dark and off when the room is bright.

Conveniently, both electrical outlets are available for use at all times. The LEDs are said to last for over 25 years, while using only 10 cents of energy per year. This handy nightlight/guide light solution was featured in the Top 100 Best New Home Products of 2014 by This Old House. It also won the International Builders Show Overall Best In Show and Best Indoor Living Product in 2015.

SnapPower USB Charger

Smart Outlet Cover Options

SOURCE: Animated GIF via Gizmodo

In March 2015, SnapPower first introduced the SnapPower USB Charger as a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. By May 15, 2015, they raised whopping $839,301 USD from 18,604 backers of this innovative smart outlet cover. The SnapPower USB Charger solves the problem of needing bulky plug-in chargers for devices like smartphones, MP3 players and tablets.

The SnapPower charger uses prong technology to draw power directly from an electrical outlet, so there are no wires or batteries needed. That also means installation takes seconds and both electrical outlets are free to be used for other things. Thanks to the low-profile design, a charger can be placed in just about any room where you might want to charge a device.

To purchase either of these smart outlet cover options, visit the SnapPower website.