2016 Kitchen Design Trends

Have you been thinking about updating your kitchen? Whether you’re considering a major remodel or slight updates, this list of top kitchen design trends for 2016 should provide the spark of inspiration you need for your project.

1. Contrasting Cabinets

Contrasting Kitchen Cabinets
One of the most popular kitchen design trends is contrasting cabinets. To achieve this look, you don’t have to completely change all of your cabinets. Instead, consider only changing either the top or bottom cabinets. By keeping a set of cabinets the same and changing the other to a different color, you can create a new striking look in your kitchen.  To save even more money and time, you don’t have to change your cabinets entirely; replacing doors or using paint can achieve the same look for pennies on the dollar.

2. Stainless Steel Color

Black Stainless Steel Appliances
Stainless steel appliances continue to be very popular in Fort Lauderdale luxury homes. A new emerging twist on traditional stainless steel is adding a bit of color. Options like black, graphite and bronze can add a unique look to your kitchen.

3. Built-in Kitchen Stations

Kitchen Coffee Station
Whether you’re looking for more counter space or prefer a minimalist look in your kitchen, built-in stations might be good solution. The station(s) you choose should complement your lifestyle. Following are a few of the trending kitchen stations for 2016:

  • coffee station
  • pet feeding station
  • appliance garage
  • cooking utensil storage

4. A Multi-Use Island

Kitchen Island
Kitchens continue to be a popular place for family and guests to congregate, that’s why kitchen islands continue to be a popular feature in Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate. The space can be used for seating and food preparation. If your kitchen doesn’t have room for an island, consider a side table or drink cart. For added utility and comfort, choose a table that’s the same height as your kitchen counters.

5. The Non-Committal Kitchen Shelf

Flexible Kitchen Shelving

Less formal kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of a sterile looking space with pots and pans in their place, homeowners are opting for a more casual feel. This look can easily be achieved by designating a shelf or cabinet that can hold a mixture of kitchen items along with personal mementos like framed pictures, books and trinkets.

We hope you found this list of kitchen design trends helpful! If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out the article we wrote on Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Every Budget.