Everyone has a personal style and your home most likely reflects your style nicely. While some Fort Lauderdale luxury home buyers might prefer a sleek, modern look, others may desire a more traditional aesthetic. Even with all of the different personalities and styles of Fort Lauderdale luxury home buyers, there are still a few rooms in your home that are just a little more important than others. To help find a buyer for your home more quickly, make sure these three rooms really shine.

Rooms Important To Home Buyers

1. Kitchen

Sell Your Home Kitchen Living Space

Buyers appreciate kitchens that can serve as a social gathering spot.

Gone are the days when kitchens were used solely for food preparation. Today, kitchens have become an important hub for social activities. As a result, home buyers are looking for kitchens that are clean, spacious, and inviting. Incorporating living areas into your kitchen is a bonus. If your kitchen is closed off, try to pull elements of the living areas into the kitchen, perhaps through lighting and decor. An inviting kitchen goes a long way in attracting buyers.

2. Bathrooms

Fort Lauderdale luxury home master bathroom

Bathrooms are expected to be updated and functional.

The features home buyers are looking for in bathrooms are: updated, spacious, clean and functional. While a clawfoot bathtub can be striking, it appeals to a specific buyer and might be considered an inconvenience —unless you have a separate shower. Make sure the bathrooms in your house are updated. You may need to change hardware, add a fresh coat of paint, and check flooring.

3. Closets and Storage Space

Organizer in small closet

Organizers can help make smaller closets look bigger.

When trying to sell your home, small or cramped closets can be a deal breaker for potential buyers. If you have a house with smaller closets,  try making them look as big as possible. Strategic ways to make closets look bigger include clearing out unnecessary items, utilizing organizers and making room for large doorways (think folding doors). You can also draw attention to other storage places in your home. Areas such as space in a garage, large pantries and laundry rooms might be selling points for buyers who need storage.

While the overall look of a home matters to buyers, these individual rooms can make a big impact. Emphasize each room’s strengths while downplaying their weaknesses. Doing so might make the difference when the time comes to sell your home.