Moving Tips

Frankly, moving doesn’t rank at all on the fun scale. The task can be stressful, time-consuming and physically exhausting. Even if you hire professional movers, the process of moving can be arduous. To help put a smile on you face on moving day, we put together this list of handy moving tips.

1. Get Organized Early

Gathering moving supplies well in advance of your move is one of the most important moving tips. Plan to begin gathering critical supplies at least one month before the big day. Be sure to put them in a safe place, where they will not be used for other projects.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– the appropriate boxes for each room
– a jumbo permanent ink marker for each room
– packing tape in a tape dispenser for main rooms
– a few reams of plastic wrap
– packages of bubble wrap
– notepads
– pens
* start collecting newspapers, so you’ll have plenty of packing material

2. Create A Moving Folder

You’ll likely be gathering quotes, receipts, to-do lists and contracts in the weeks and even months before you move. A great way to keep organized is by creating a moving folder. Your folder can be physical or digital. If you’re cloud-savvy, think about storing your digital folder there, so you can easily access it from a mobile device or computer.

3. Pack A Weekend Bag

Aside from household basics, consider what you’ll need to get through a day or two in your new home. Your suitcases will be a perfect vessel to pack what you’ll need, like a few changes of clothes, personal items, toiletries, medications, shoes and chargers. In short, pack like you’re going away for the weekend!  The contents of your suitcase will be a lifesaver until you get your new home organized.

4. Label Boxes By Room

At a minimum, boxes should be labeled with the room to which each belongs. Consider adding a quick description, like “shoes” or “pots”. If you’re extra organized, you can use a label maker to make a detailed label for the contents of each box. Spreadsheets can also be helpful in maintaining an inventory of your belongings. Realistically, a jumbo permanent marker with diligent labeling will do the trick.

5. Pack “Open First” Boxes

Create a box or two with household essentials. Be sure to put an “Open First” label on each box. Think of items you’ll need in the first few days, like toilet paper, paper towels, disposable plates and utensils, cups, mugs, cleaning supplies, soap, towels and bedding.

6. Final Sweep

Once all of your items have been removed from the house, it’s a nice gesture to the new homeowner if you conduct a final sweep. To help with that task, be sure to keep your vacuum, broom and a few cleaning supplies on hand. As you close the door on your old home for the last time, don’t forget to grab these items.

7. Keep Tools On Hand

Keep a few of your commonly used tools handy for moving day. You’ll probably only need the basics, like screwdrivers (multi-purpose, Phillips, flat head and/or Hex), drill kit, measuring tape and pliers. These tools will come in handy when you need to break down furniture or fix an unexpected item. Store these tools in an easily accessible place, so you can find them when you get to your new home.

8. Embrace The Fanny Pack

Consider wearing a handy fanny pack — just this once. Store critical, and easily misplaced items like keys, cell phone and a wallet in your pack. They will be within reach at all times. If you can’t fathom wearing a fanny pack, choose a safe place to store these items — like on the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator. Consider putting them in a container labeled “do not move”.

Sure, moving can be a pain. Thankfully, you took the time to read our 8 essential moving tips. Hopefully you’re feeling a little less anxious about your next move.