Moving from a home, especially one you’ve lived in for quite a few years, can be difficult. Equally difficult can be moving into a new house that doesn’t quite feel like your home yet. Whether you’re moving to your ideal Fort Lauderdale luxury home, downsizing or anything in-between, these home transition tips should help ease your anxiety.

Tips On Saying Goodbye To Your Old Home

Home Transition Tips

  1. Take photos before you pack.
    A perplexing part of moving is knowing you’ll be leaving behind fond memories. Documenting your old house is just as much about honoring where you are at a specific moment in your life, as it is about the details of your home that made you proud or comfortable. If you have children, be sure to take a few candid photos of them in your old home. Later, you’ll appreciate having captured these moments. Take pictures of rooms in your home as they would look on a normal day. Snapshots of life as you live it is far more meaningful than staged photos. Consider collecting the photos and putting them in an album, maybe with a photo of your old home on the front. This album can serve a dual purpose. First, it can help you work through emotions you might be feeling about leaving a much-loved home. Second, it can serve as a nostalgic reminder of your past.
  2. Leave a treasure behind.
    If you’ve ever found an artifact from a previous owner somewhere in your home, you know how thrilling the experience can be. Think about leaving a meaningful or treasured item of your own for the future homeowner to find. You can write a letter, create a time capsule, leave a trinket, or let your child create a small treasure box. It’s up to you!
  3. Host a “goodbye house” celebration.
    Invite family and friends to celebrate your home one last time. Encourage your guests to share stories about experiences they’ve had in your home. Don’t worry about tidying the place; entertaining amid moving boxes is acceptable for this type of event. Set the mood by playing music. Since most of your dishes will probably be packed, plan to have disposable plates and easy snacks. If you’ve become friendly with the new buyer, consider inviting them to the event. They will appreciate the opportunity to meet their new neighbors.

Tips On Saying Hello To Your New Home

Home Transition Tips Celebration

  1. Freshen up.
    Moving into a new house can be an unsettling experience. Most likely the place will lack your personal touch, and may even have some of the former owner’s personality and smells. Start things out on the right foot by giving your new place a freshening. You can have your new home scrubbed from top to bottom with your favorite cleaning products, add fresh paint in colors that appeal to you, or simply light a few choice candles throughout the home.
  2. Host a “no gifts required” housewarming party.
    A terrific way to celebrate your new home, bring life to the space and create new memories is with friends and family. To help keep the affair casual, be sure to include a friendly “no gifts, please” on the invitations. Consider including some of your new neighbors; this will give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other in a comfortable setting.
  3. Add your personal touch.
    In addition to unpacking, place your stamp on the new home by hanging artwork, painting a room or two, or ordering a new rug. What you choose to do is up to you. Your goal is to make your new home feel comfortable. Time spent adding your personal touch will help you feel at home in your new place.

We hope you found these home transition tips helpful! If you need help finding a new home to transition to, contact us! We can help make the home buying and home selling process less stressful.