Tips on cleaning with coffee grounds in your Fort Lauderdale luxury home.

Cleaning With Coffee Grounds

Like commonly used baking soda, coffee grounds soak up other smells. You can soak smelly cutting boards in a solution with coffee grounds to remove odors. Use them in the bottom of a new kitchen garbage bag to help keep odors down. You can even place an open container of coffee grounds in your refrigerator to help absorb odors. Be sure to change the coffee grounds when they become too damp or start losing their fresh smell.

Scrubbing Dishes
In a pinch, coffee grounds can help you free caked on food from dishes without damaging them. To create a coffee ground scrubber, place a few teaspoons of grounds on a square cleaning rag. Collect the ends of the rag and secure them with a rubber band. Now you have a useful dish scrubber.

Pest Control
Not only are plants beautiful, but numerous studies have shown their positive effects on our health. Unfortunately some plants tend to attract pests. To deter those unwanted bugs from your home, sprinkle coffee grounds in your potted or garden plants.

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