Tips on cleaning with soft drinks in your Fort Lauderdale luxury home.

Cleaning With Soft Drinks

Remove Tarnish and Rust
Soft drinks contain mild acids that make them ideal for removing tarnish and rust stains. You can return the shine to brass items by dipping them in a bath of a dark brown soft drink. Do you have rusted areas on stainless steel items like cutlery? No problem! An application of a soft drink can help shine them right up! Since soft drinks are sticky and can leave a residue, be sure to wash and dry all items after shining them up.

To clean your toilet, pour a dark soft drink around the inside of the bowl. Let the solution sit for an hour; for stubborn stains, use a toilet scrub brush after the hour of soaking. Flush the toilet and you should see a shiny bowl.

To remove limescale from your kettle, fill it with a dark cola and bring the liquid to a boil. Let the cola sit in the kettle for about 30 minutes. Empty and rinse the kettle.

To remove unsightly oil stains from your driveway, pour a bottle of dark cola on the affected area. Let the cola sit for a few hours, then use a high-pressure hose to wash off your driveway. The stain should be lifted and carried away.

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