Making Your Bed


We know making your bed can be a pain. If you follow these tips, you might be pleasantly surprised with the results!

1. Make your bed every morning
If you commit to making your bed every morning, after a while it will become more of a natural routine and less of a dreaded chore. Plus, your bedroom will look inviting after a hard day. Oh, and if you heard the rumor about your bed needing to “air out” – that’s just a myth.

2. Put your top sheet pattern down
Most folks put a patterned top sheet on a bed with the pattern up. After all, when you’re making the bed, the pattern looks nice – that is, until you add a duvet and fold the top sheet over. Now the part of the top sheet that’s showing looks washed out.

Instead, make your bed with the top sheet pattern down. When you fold the sheet over your duvet, your bed will look finished.

3. Learn how to make hospital corners
Hospital corners are the hallmark of a sharp, refined and elegant looking bed. Sheets look taut and unruffled, while the corners fold neatly. This easy-to-follow instructional YouTube video from our friends at Ballard Designs will help get you started.

4. Iron your sheets
Ironed sheets feel much more luxurious than wrinkled sheets. Remember the last luxury hotel where you slept? The sheets most likely felt silky because of high thread count and ironing.

5. Start with your duvet inside out
Struggling to put a new duvet on a comforter? Turn it inside out, match the end of the duvet to the end of the comforter, and slide it over.

6. Use your duvet ties
If your duvet has ties and your comforter has slots, use them! It’s an excellent way to keep your duvet in place – even after a night of tossing and turning.

7. Add designer touches
If your bed consists solely of sheets, a plain comforter, and a pillow or two, consider upgrading your accessories. A few coordinating throw pillows, a duvet or a blanket can help tie the bed — and the room — together.

Making Your Bed Luxurious


Feeling a bit more inspired? Now go make your bed!