Home Remodel vs. Renovation Defined

Remodel vs. Renovation Defined

In real estate, we often see the words “renovation” and “remodel” used interchangeably. Sometimes a property description will list a home as being “renovated”, but...

Pantry Organization

7 Pantry Organization Tips

An organized pantry can help with shopping and menu planning. A quick peek should tell you what you have space for and what you need....

Repipe Fort Lauderdale Luxury Home

6 Signs You Need To Repipe Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Similar to most things in your Fort Lauderdale luxury home, your pipes won’t last forever. When pipes begin to fail, the damage can wreak havoc...

Bar Keepers Friend

8 Ways Bar Keepers Friend Can Help Clean Around Your Home

Before we delve into the many ways Bar Keepers Friend can help around your home, let’s look at its humble beginnings—it all started with rhubarb....

Florida Home Warranty

Florida Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Unexpected home repairs can be a pain! Have you ever noticed that items seem to break soon after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired? Learn why...

homeowners insurance rates increasing

2020 South Florida Homeowners Insurance Rates Increasing

Homeowners insurance rates are increasing for many in South Florida. At Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale, we have heard reports of […]

Samsung AirDresser Home Dry Cleaning

Samsung AirDresser Offers Dry-Cleaning Convenience At Home

The Samsung AirDresser is an innovative way to clean your finickier clothes at home, saving you a trip or two to the dry cleaner. The...

Best CES 2020 Home Tech

6 Best CES 2020 Home Tech

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes places in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of brands attend the show to […]

WD-40 Cans

17 Ways WD-40 Can Help Around Your Home

WD-40 was invented by Iver Norman Lawson in 1953. It was made for use by American aircraft manufacturing company Convair […]

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

7 Bad Home Design Trends

Interior design history is filled with examples of bad home design trends that were wildly popular at first, then soon […]